Our Campaigns for Creativity

UAL is striving for our work with the EU and wider Europe to remain borderless and creative.

Nigel Carrington, Vice-Chancellor of UAL: ''Creative Unions is our way of saying it’s essential that our key cultural values are respected, treasured and promoted.''

Creative Unions is a collaborative movement to bring together creative talent from London and across the world in order to keep creativity borderless. 

Creative Unions and Europe

UAL's Creative Unions
Image courtesy of UAL

Creativity knows no boundaries.

UAL aims to ensure our work remains at the cutting edge of the creative sector in Europe. Creative Unions is one way to advocate for our world-leading projects and research. 

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Why do we need Creative Unions?

Find out more about why we need Creative Unions with the video above.

Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research:"Creativity by necessity and inclination works across borders – geographical borders, social borders, disciplinary borders. Creative Unions is a space where we can operate in an open and generous manner".