Camberwell Alumni

Camberwell College of Arts' alumni have gone on to be successful artists, designers, illustrators, photographers and sculptors.

View their profiles to learn more about our alumni, their experiences of studying at Camberwell and their tips for current students.  

  • Georgia Rodger - BA Sculpture.
    Georgia Rodger.

    Georgia Rodger

    Julia Parkinson studied BA Sculpture at Camberwell and graduated in 2007

  • Illustration of a barber and his customer in a barber shop
    Daniel Clarke

    Daniel Clarke

    Daniel Clarke graduated from Camberwell's BA Illustration course before forming Dayjob, a Peckham based studio with ten of his fellow illustration graduates

  • Dan McMahon - BA 3D Design.
    Dan McMahon.

    Dan McMahon

    Dan McMahon graduated from Camberwell's BA 3D Design course in 2012 and now works as a freelance production designer in New York

  • Illustration of a man operating on a robot version of himself
    Kyle Platts

    Kyle Platts

    Kyle Platts graduated from Camberwell's BA Illustration course in 2011, having graduated from FdA Illustration in 2010, and works as a freelance illustrator

  • Work-Form - Book covers and printed material.


    Work-Form is a design studio founded by Camberwell BA Graphic Design graduates Charlie Abbott, Jake Hopwood and Alex Hough

  • Alice Hawkins.
    Alice Hawkins.

    Alice Hawkins

    Alice Hawkins graduated from Camberwell's BA Graphic Design course in 2002 and now works as a fashion photographer and filmmaker

  • Images of a man in black which are stuck to a tiled floor

    Theo Turpin

    Theo Turpin graduated from Camberwell's BA Drawing course in 2008

  • Karthik Poduval - Wooden stool.
    Karthik Poduval.

    Karthik Poduval

    Karthik Poduval graduated from the Camberwell BA 3D Design course in 2013

  • A mechanical set of teeth and a music box

    Mark Walker

    Mark Walker graduated from Camberwell’s BA Painting course in 2010