Private Accommodation

UAL's accommodation guide to renting private accommodation.

UAL’s accommodation guide to renting private accommodation.


Renting private accommodation

The information on these pages will guide you through the process of finding a new home, moving in and out and help you with any problems you may encounter.

You can find information on:

  • Looking for a place
  • Money and contracts
  • Moving in and out


Tips for renting in London

  • If you are new to London it’s a good idea to visit the city before moving here to find an area you would like to live in.
  • You will need to do some research before looking for a room, flat or house to rent from a private landlord.
  • It’s essential that you view the accommodation before you pay any money to make sure you like it and the offer is genuine.
  • As a UAL student, you are entitled to make use of the University of London Housing Services (ULHS). They offer a range of services for students looking for private accommodation.
  • Take a look at their Private Housing Guide to find out more about living in private rented accommodation.
  • The Shelter website also has useful information about renting in London.


How can UAL help?

As well as the information on this page we also offer the following services:

  • One-on-one friendly advice and information to take away
  • Free contract checking service
  • Free legal advice to help you deal with problems