Staff Mobility

University of the Arts London is committed to developing and promoting opportunities for staff development under the Erasmus+ programme.

UAL staff can develop their professional and person skills through teaching or training across Europe under the new European Union’s Erasmus+ programme.

UAL also welcomes incoming staff members and information about this can be found on the Incoming Staff Mobility page.

Outgoing staff mobility

Erasmus+ programme funds two types of mobility:

Staff training: for administrative, technical or academic staff. It involves a period of training at a host institution (which may not necessarily be a HEI).

Staff teaching: for academic staff. It involves a period of teaching at a partner institution which has an inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement with UAL.

Any academic or non-academic staff member, employed by UAL is eligible to apply for staff teaching or/and staff training under the Erasmus+ programme.

Extensive information on outgoing staff mobility for UAL staff members can be found on staff intranet pages. Please visit the staff intranet and search for 'Erasmus Staff Mobility'.