Student Mobility

Student Mobility: Studies and Traineeships

University of the Arts London is committed to developing and promoting opportunities for UAL students to study and work abroad as part of their University experience.

UAL students can study at a wide range of UAL partner universities abroad as well as undertake a traineeship during the course of their degree.

UAL also welcomes incoming exchange students.

  • LCC Summer Show 2010. © Ana Escobar
    © Ana Escobar

    Outgoing Students

    For UAL students who wish to take part in an exchange at an institution outside of the UK.

  • Students learning at the Language Centre. © Alys Tomlinson
    © Alys Tomlinson

    Incoming students

    For students who want to take part in an exchange to study at UAL.

  • Female student in the learning zone. © Alys Tomlinson
    © Alys Tomlinson

    Erasmus Traineeships (Work Placements)

    Some programmes at UAL give students the opportunity to undertake a work placement/traineeship during their degree.

  • Attendees of CSM Industrial Design degree show, © Alys Tomlinson.
    © Alys Tomlinson.

    Partner Institutions

    Students wishing to study in another institution must first check if an exchange agreement has been signed between UAL and this institution.